When most people think of ChatGPT, they think of the impact that it will have on writers, customer service agents, programmers, etc. Not a lot of people think about the impact that ChatGPT will have on sex workers. Truth be told, why would they? Unless you are actively working as one of the many escorts or sex workers, you wouldn't know how the profession works. Even escorts don't have a clue how ChatGPT will impact them. 

ChatGPT is only in the early stages. A lot of development still needs to be carried out, and we still haven't seen the full ramifications of ChatGPT on the sex industry. There has been some impact, though. Many of the sex workers listed at Amoroushug have been dealing with them. Here, we want to go through some of the more immediate impact that ChatGPT is having on sex workers. At the same time, we want to discuss how the industry could be shaken up in both a positive and a negative way. 

Online Conversations Will be Impacted

The most immediate impact of ChatGPT on sex workers isn't on those selling their physical services, but those selling online conversations with those seeking companionship, or perhaps a touch of dirty talk. ChatGPT and other AI language models, allow people to create chatbots. These chatbots can emulate the writing style of people (when trained to do so), and can effectively act as a stand-in on a conversation. Rarely will a person know that they are chatting to an AI.

This means that those selling online chats with people can set up chatbots, allowing them to talk to more people, and earn more cash. Of course, this is something that has ethical implications. When people pay to talk to somebody, they probably want to have a chat with a real person, right? This could, eventually, lead to a market where AI conversations are being actively promoted. Although, this is going to be much, much further in the future. 

On the other side of things, AI conversations could be a 'cheaper' way for people to talk to their favorite sex workers. If people know that it is AI and they are happy about it, why not let them interact in that way? It is basically money for the sex worker that they wouldn't have otherwise been able to get. 

Other than writing blog posts, descriptions for photos, etc. We can't see a major shake-up in the online sex worker, at least with ChatGPT. Image AI may be a whole different beast. 

Escorts Will See Less of an Impact

Escorts provide a service that cannot be replaced by ChatGPT. No AI can replicate what an escort does, so these sex workers are probably going to be protected from AI for a while. Remember, sex work is the oldest profession in the world. It has dealt with a lot worse than AI. However, this doesn't mean that some elements of their work won't be impacted.

Choosing an escort (even through sites like Amoroushug) will often be based on the description of the escort, plus a couple of photos. The better a description is, the more chance there is of getting customers. It is fair to say that many top escorts don't know how to write brilliant descriptions for their profiles, and they could be missing out on a ton of customers. ChatGPT can help to fix this. A well-prompted ChatGPT profile could work wonders for gaining customers, particularly for newer escorts.

On the flip side, ChatGPT does make it a lot easier for people to write descriptions in different styles. This style may not reflect who they are. We can imagine that there will be some escorts that will prompt Chat GPT to create a profile description in the style of highly desirable sex workers, etc. This means that their customer could turn up and be disappointed that the reality doesn't match up with the online description.

Low-quality profile descriptions could impact sex workers as a whole. Sex worker profiles could be less trustworthy, costing business for the people that did things the 'right' way. Although, hopefully, we are overstating the impact here. If anybody is creating a completely fake persona, then they will likely be driven out of the business quickly. 

We think the greatest impact will be on the advertising side of things. Most people find their sex workers through Google, etc. While Google ranks websites in a lot of ways, content is a major focus. ChatGPT is allowing people to produce content far, far quicker than ever before. This means that we may see sex workers relying on Chat GPT content forced to the top of the search engines, while those writing content from scratch will struggle. This is a really tough situation to fix since Google has explicitly stated that AI content is fine, assuming it is quality content. So, sex workers not using AI content may need to look into other ways of advertising their services e.g. signing up for AmorousHug and getting a listing there.

Final Thoughts - Do Sex Workers Need to Worry About ChatGPT?

Because ChatGPT is in its infancy, it is tough to see the impact that it will have on the sex work industry. Sex workers probably won't be the first group of people impacted by ChatGPT. However, it will happen. ChatGPT can't replace physical interactions, but it may assist with creating content for sex workers. This content can be used to advertise them in a far better way. Although, there may be people that use ChatGPT to 'lie' on their profiles, or create fake online interactions with their customers. We hope those people are few and far between. If ChatGPT is used by a sex worker, it should only ever be used as a source for good.